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Fill out our seller form in less than 5 minutes. We take care of the pricing and listing, which will be sent to you for your approval. Once approved, your item will go live.

Door-to-door pickup and delivery

Once your item sells, we’ll coordinate the courier pickup and delivery of your item to its new home. Currently available in NYC & Brooklyn only. 


You will get paid 24 hours after your item has been successfully delivered to and confirmed by the Buyer. Bank processing time is usually 2-5 business days.

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Loveys can help you earn money back on items you no longer need.

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Loveys is a curated resale marketplace dedicated to pre-loved baby essentials from coveted brands. We source premium items, helping parents sell items their babies no longer need. In turn, parents can more affordably access the best brands.

Loveys provides a reliable and elevated experience to sell items your baby no longer needs. It's an easy solution for decluttering your home and allows you to earn money back on coveted items that other parents are in need of.

Loveys sources premium items and provides a reliable platform to access coveted items at a discount.

Fill out our seller form in less than 5 minutes.

First, complete our seller form. Upon receiving your submission, our team will review it, price the item, and create a listing, which will be sent to you for your review and approval. Once approved, the listing will go live on the site. If your item has been purchased, you will be notified with next steps.

We accept items within the play, sleep, travel, feeding, and maternity categories from our list of brands we love. We are committed to providing a premium and curated resale experience for our customers with this list intending to support this mission.

Items from brands on the list will be accepted subject to their condition; however, if you have an item from a brand outside of this list that you would like to sell, please submit your item via our seller form and our team will review your submission and assess if it is viable to be sold on the Loveys site.

  • Items valued less than $50
  • Broken/recalled or otherwise unsafe items
  • Stuffed animals
  • Books
  • Bedding
  • Used bottles, bibs, cups, utensils, etc.
  • Items that have reached their end of life
  • Breastfeeding Gear
  • Car Seats / Car Seat Inserts
  • Drop Side Cribs
  • Infant Incline Sleepers
  • Infant Slings / Infant Wraps (structured baby carriers (e.g. Ergobaby + ArtiPoppe carriers) are accepted)
  • Baby-Wearing Clothing
  • Juvenile & Infant Furniture except for Bassinets, High Chairs and Play Sets
  • Items that are not from our list of brands we love

Loveys is currently only available in the NYC and Brooklyn areas, but we are eager to expand into additional cities. Stay tuned for updates as we grow!

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After an item is purchased, both the Buyer and Seller will be contacted separately via e-mail by our Loveys team to schedule a pick up / delivery time slot that works for both parties. Once a timeframe is confirmed, a courier will pick up the item from the Seller at the agreed upon time and deliver it right to the Buyer’s door.

If your building staff or other on-site personnel manage pick-ups and deliveries on your behalf, you are responsible for any mistakes or losses by such staff or personnel.

The payout a Seller receives is dependent upon the final sale price of the item on the Loveys site. Please review for our pricing model to understand potential earnings.

You will get paid 24 hours after your sold item has been successfully delivered to the Buyer and its expected quality / condition has been confirmed by the Buyer. Payment will be processed via Stripe. Bank processing time is usually 2-5 business days.

Upon submission of an item, our Loveys team will review it, set a price, and send it to the Seller for approval prior to getting the item live on our site. Pricing is based on condition of the item, how old the item is, and the estimated retail price.

All sales are final on (returns are not offered for when the Buyer no longer wants the item, but items can always be re-listed).

Please review our return policy here.

If your item does not sell within 15 days, Loveys can discount it until it is sold. Prior to discounting your item, we will receive approval from you on the adjusted sale price. The longer your item is listed on the website without selling, the more discount can be applied every 15 days to drive demand.

Service Fee
The Buyer will be charged a $16 service fee for pickup and delivery of the purchased item.

Failed Pick Up / Delivery Fee
Missing a pick up / delivery will result in $16 charge to the responsible party (Buyer or Seller) to ensure our team can quickly call another courier to re-attempt the delivery.

Buyers are responsible for cleaning their items once received. This is to ensure items are cleaned using their preferred method.

Loveys is not liable for an item after it is delivered to the address listed on the order. If you would like your courier pick up / delivery to go to a different address than what was previously provided to our team, please e-mail us at with the updated details at least 24 hours in advance of the confirmed pick up / delivery time slot. In order to ensure the safety of our Sellers’ items, we require a signature to complete the delivery. If the courier is not able to collect a signature, they will return the item to the pick up location.

If the courier incorrectly delivers an item to the wrong location, our Loveys team will help recover and re-deliver the item.

If your item has not been purchased yet and you no longer want to sell it, please let us know by reaching out at to notify our team and we can help remove your item from the site.

Please see our full terms and conditions in our Terms of Use, Terms of Sale, and Privacy Policy.

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